Ethan Robson Talks about His Sunderland Exit


The release of Ethan Robson has put an end to a 15-year-old journey through the players at the club. He has talked about his disappointment in interviews but also says that it might have been a blessing in disguise.

Since his dismissal, Ethan Robson has been putting it all together. After having played for his boyhood club for most of his life and lived his dreams. However, it has come to an end and there is a lot that he has to process.

He has shown his disappointment with the opportunities that didn’t quite show themselves. Robson seems to be frustrated that luck has deserted him at a few crucial moments.

He has an excitement about his career that has several chapters yet to be told and a strong determination to prove to people who have doubted him. Above everything else, he takes pride in wearing the t-shirt.

He says that he had been disappointed when he came to know that it had been a kick in the teeth. Robson also stated that he belongs to Sunderland that would have loved to play for the team. However, all things eventually come to an end. Whatever it might be, he is ready to get on with his career.

Robson says that he is disappointed and that it’s an opinion game. But he feels that there are people who are going to doubt you. He believes that he can play a good standard. When he played for Sunderland, he showed that he can play for a big club.

He says that he is only looking forward and his primary focus is to get out there, play games, then find out what is going to happen in time to come. Ethan Robson might be disappointed by doesn’t wanting to dwell upon it.

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